Monday, December 26, 2005

Chapter 2.

"I'm going out," the man says.

The man does not move.

"Buy me something," the woman says five minutes later.

They watch the TV. It is a movie about a party in Russia. They watch the movie for two-hours. The movie will not end for some reason.

"If I was at that party I'd do something," the woman says.

There is a commercial. They watch five minuts of commercials.

"I want to overturn a table at that party," the woman says. "I want a dress. I want a soft dress to sleep on."

The man has not talked for about three hours.

He is asleep and dreaming.

No one knows what the man is dreaming about. The man does not know. He wakes up.

"I'm going out," the man says.

"I want to have a party," the woman says. "Bring people here and we will have a party."

"I'm going outside to ride caribou," the man says.

"You're going outside to ride caribou," the woman says.

The woman cries. It is a very quiet and peaceful kind of crying.

The man goes outside.

A polar bear is walking at his cabin. He walks there and punches the polar bear. The polar bear claws him and leaves.

The man falls on the ground. He crawls and ice breaks and he sinks in the water. Bubbles come out of his mouth because he is saying something. No one knows what the man is saying. It doesn't matter. The bubbles are beautiful and a polar hamster is there and the polar hamster watches the bubbles and feels good.


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