Tuesday, December 27, 2005

chapter 4

The black man's name is G.J.

His dad is black and his mom is white and he is black.

G.J. is in his dormitory at college.

He is sitting with his friend. They are playing video games.

Two Russian boxers come in.

They punch G.J. and G.J.'s friend with poison gloves.

The gloves have poison and G.J. and G.J.'s friend pass out.

In Russia G.J. wakes up and falls out of a truck.

G.J. gets lost in the city.

G.J. does not know he is in Russia.

He thinks he may be in Vermont, or something.

A Russian boy calls G.J. a nigger.

The boy is seven.

He listens to the Wu-Tang clan.

G.J. ignores the boy.

There are more boys and some girls.

Eighteen boys and girls.

They all call G.J. a nigger.

G.J. bumps into some of the girls and five girls fall onto ice and the ice cracks and the girls sink.

A Russian boxer sees this and comes and hits G.J. in the head with a lead pipe.

It makes a normal sound.

G.J. falls and more ice cracks and G.J. sinks.

Somewhere else a man is fishing.

The man who is fishing is named Benny.

Benny catches a salmon.

Benny catches G.J.

Benny is alone in the tundra.

Benny pulls the black man onto the ice.

Benny lives in a cabin alone.

He is old and fishes everyday.

Benny has no friends or family.

They all went to America.

Benny pushes the black man back into the ice.

The black man sinks.

Lizaveta emails the groom company,

Where is my black man.

The groom company emails Lizaveta,

We sent the black man.

Lizaveta emails the company,

The black man is lost.

The groom company emails Lizaveta,

The black man is lost.

Lizaveta goes to the living room.

"The black man is lost," she thinks.

She sits down.

"I have frostbite," she thinks.

She does not have frostbite.

"The black man has frostbite on his penis," she thinks.

She laughs a little.

She watches a movie about talking dogs.

She makes potato soup and goes to sleep and dreams.

In her dream she has frostbite on her hair.

"We have to amputate your hair," the doctor says. "Or the frostbite will spread to your mouth."

She is confused for some reason.

"It just spread to the black man's penis," the doctor says.

There is a coffin.

She climbs in the coffin.

The doctor is angry. Very angry.

She climbs out of the coffin.


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