Tuesday, December 27, 2005

chapter 5.

Lizaveta gets out of the shower.

She is naked.

She looks at her body in the mirror.

She has a large chunk of cellulite on her thigh.

Lizaveta grabs the chunk of cellulite and laughs and says, "That feels cool."

She puts on her clothes. Goes outside and gets into her troika and rides to find her American.

She rides across the barren frozen tundra.

She thinks thoughts like, "I wonder if I sold my Elvis Collector's Edition Plates on ebay how much could I get-is grandma dead-I would enjoy a peach right now-I need to wash the whites-why is there so much concern about breast cancer shouldn't we be saving dicks too-oh no I forgot to take out the garbage."

She gets to Benny's cabin.

Benny is sitting on a wooden chair at a table eating cabbage soup. There is a fire, it is warming him. There are dead fish everywhere. It is stinking. Lizaveta stands there staring at his ugly face. She looks at the mole by his blue eye, the other one is brown. She looks at the brown eye. She cannot speak. She is befuddled by the mole and the brown eye.

Lizaveta speaks: What have you done with my man? I paid good money for that American. I had to sell my best horse Trixie to get that man. (Soft piano music begins to play, Lizaveta sits down, looks off into the horizon even though she is indoors and talks softly) When I was little, I used to watch American college football games, and see those Americans, those big strong Americans, and think all kinds of nasty thoughts. After father died I had nothing. I would think about touching them and straddling and pumping and pushing and raging small guerrilla wars on their football playing cocks. After mom got cancer we had to sell the estate and I would drink vodka and sing Early Beatles' songs. And I would think about their pelvic thrusts and long flicking tongues and big hands grabbing my hair and pulling. Soon the horse died and I forgot how to read."

Benny looks up from his cabbage soup and says, "I think he is underwater."

Lizaveta: You mean he drowned?

Benny: Hmm, would you like some salmon?

Lizaveta smacks the table and begins to cry.

Benny continues to eat his cabbage soup.

Lizaveta thinks about killing Benny, but realizes Benny brings her fresh dead salmon every Wednesday, and she likes Salmon.

So she gets back into her troika and rides home.


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