Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chapter 6

At home Lizaveta sees a hamster.

"I am Alex," says the hamster.

"Alex," says Lizaveta.

"I want to open Domino's Pizza in Russia," says Alex the hamster.

"There was a time when Russia was green," says Lizaveta. "Rabbits ran through the green fields and jumped across rivers. They wore pink ribbons. Antelope leapt through fields and clouds. Rabbits clung to furry bears and bears petted the rabbits and smiled. Sheep leapt over cabins and laughed. Today sheep go, 'baaa baaa.' Today polar bears eat rabbits. My breakfast is potatoes. I wrapped a cabbage around a potatoe for dinner. I am afraid. Please open Domino's so that we may become rich and move to Easter Island."

Alex the hamster makes scratchy hamster noises.

"What are you doing?" says Lizaveta.

"I am crying," says Alex the hamster.

Lizaveta picks up Alex.

"I need to take a shit," Lizaveta says.

"Bring me please," says Alex the hamster.

Lizaveta shits gray hard shit.

Lizaveta flushes.

"I don't want to live anymore!" says Alex the hamster and leaps into the toilet and is gone.

"I will open Domino's pizza," Lizaveta thinks in bed five hours later.

"I do not know what Domino's pizza is," Lizaveta thinks.


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