Friday, December 30, 2005

chapter 8

Aunt Marya has a stroke. She feels the stroke. It hurts. She is too tired to touch her chest or shoulder or to fall forward or whatever.

She closes her eyes and thinks about a potatoe and dies.

Lizaveta gets some cabbage. The chocolate makes her want some cabbage.

She chews cabbage and eats chocolate.

Soon it is night.

She stands up and walks to her bed and lies on her bed.

"Aunt Marya," Lizaveta thinks and gets up.

"Marya, go home," Lizaveta says.

She shakes Marya and Marya falls on the floor.

Lizaveta is tired. She turns on the TV.

She watches TV for three hours.

Marya crawls to the chair and sits. "I had a stroke," she says.

Lizaveta turns the volume up on the TV.

Marya asks for a chocolate bar.

Lizaveta turns the volume up all the way.

The TV falls on the floor and cracks.

"Oh, shit," Lizaveta says.

"Shit, shit, oh, shit," she says walking to her bedroom and lying on her bed. "Terrible, no. No, no, no." She falls asleep. In her dream she is a hamster.

She runs across the top of a lake in spring.

An eagle swoops down and eats her.

The dream continues and she is not a hamster or anything. There is just the scene of the lake in springtime. There are green trees. It is peaceful.

She wakes up and Aunt Marya is on the floor.

She has vomited chocolate on herself.

She is probably dead.

Lizaveta walks outside. She must go somewhere. It is snowing. A polar bear is there. She goes back inside and sits down and stares at the TV that is cracked on the floor. She can still hear TV shows coming out of it though it is silent. She watches the TV.


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