Thursday, January 12, 2006

chapter 17.

Lizaveta is sitting at a diner.

She is eating eggs.

A large fat man comes up to her and says, "Miss may I sit down?"

Lizaveta looks up.

There is no one there, but a fat man.

The fat man sits down.

Lizaveta continues eating.

The fat man speaks, "I was once a crack head. I smoked much crack. I would pay for crack with dimes. Dimes I tell you, dimes! Now I am over weight, I was much skinnier on crack."

Lizaveta responds with, "I am russian, I was once very cold. The cold is gone now. All is left is these eggs."



"That is so clever."

"So clever the children will die."

"And the fruits and veggies will rot."

"Yes, that clever."

"Earth shattering news."

"I am heart broken."

"The stream runs red with blood."

"The perch choke on the rocks."

"And the dead rise to find that what they believed only to be a lie."

"So let the dogs eat shit."

"Let blood run from my pussy."

"Let it all come down like rain and darkness and shadows from the hair of my asshole."

A hamster runs through the diner.

it stops and speaks, "The Rock, is like wind chimes, dingle ding."

The customers hold their breath.

Lizaveta looks at the fat man and says, "I think my left leg is broke and I need to shave it, I must go."

She runs out the door onto the street screaming words to a Metallica song.

Metallica shows up and charges her five dollars for screaming the lyrics.

Lizaveta cannot pay it.

So Metallica rapes her.

She does mind though.

One does not get to have sex with famous people everyday.


Blogger Maya said...

I like this novel.

It is the funny way it is written, in small paragraphs.

Otherwise I don't think I would like it that much.

It is certainly original.

10:04 PM  

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