Thursday, January 05, 2006

chapter 12.

"I am moving to Florida to start a hamster and rabbit farm," Julio says.

"I feed the rabbits," Lizaveta says.

"Be careful," Julio says.

"Why?" Lizaveta says.

Julio does not answer. He is thinking about the Bahamas.

"The farm is to get us to the Bahamas," Julio says. "Where we will eat grouper burgers. The goal is grouper burgers. Write that down."

Lizaveta writes it down, "The goal is grouper burgers."

"Read it out loud," Julio says.

"The goal is grouper burgers," Lizaveta says.

"Let's watch TV," Julio says.

They watch TV.


Blogger Richard Yates said...

after i read this i looked up information about how to take care of rabbits. i read the frequently asked questions and someone asked:

why does my rabbit eat dust?

the reply was:

i don't know.

i wish i lived with a rabbit that ate dust. i might write a poem about a dust-eating rabbit.

7:02 PM  

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