Monday, January 02, 2006

chapter 11.

Lizaveta walks into a porn store.

An Indian man walks up to her.

"Are you looking for a job?"

Lizaveta stares at him.

Lizaveta knows English because she was in the KGB and was once a maid in the white house. She is the one who alerted Castro of The Bay of Pigs Invasion.

The Indian man asks again, "Want job?"

Lizaveta looks at her shoes.

The Indian man goes, "Hey mother fucker, need work?"

LIzaveta looks up. Nods her head yes.

The Indian man walks her upstairs.

He says, "A man comes upstairs, he points at a girl. You go in the room, he stands behind glass. You stick your finger in your pussy and say dirty shit over a phone. He jerks off and cums on the glass. Then a man comes and cleans it. Good."

Lizaveta stares, and nods yes.

With her money she gets an Apartment on the upper east side.

No one is there, it is like The Frozen Tundra.

She is happy there.

She has a television.

A man lives with her named Julio.

They sit on chairs and stare at the television.

Julio says, "I am from Cuba and you are from Russia. We know what it is like to not own things. Now, I own my own socks. I own blue socks. I own green socks. I own even Christmas socks. I own many things. Like I own t-shirts and hamsters."

Lizaveta says, "You own a hamster, may I see it?"

Julio gets his hamster and brings it to her.

Lizaveta holds the hamster and says, "In The Frozen Tundra we have polar hamsters. They are white."

Julio says, "I own my television. There are many channels, I own them."

Sixteen hours pass in silence.

Julio says, "In America you have freedom of speech, do you want to say anything."

Lizaveta stares and goes, "What is Domino's Pizza?"


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