Sunday, January 01, 2006

chapter 10

Lizaveta researches glaciers on the internet.

Soon she is a genius on glaciers.

She walks outside and jumps on a glacier.

She blows on the glacier and uses a TV antennae to create a hole in the glacier and she climbs in the hole and hibernates.

She wakes up and the glacier is on the beach on Manhattan.

There is a beach on Manhattan. It is on 29th street. You keep walking past 1st Avenue then Avenue A and B. It is there. You climb over the railing, there is a little gray beach with rocks.

Lizaveta wakes up on this beach.

There is a puerto rican swimming in the water. His passport is on the beach. He has a soccer ball and he is swimming and kicking the ball.

Lizaveta takes the passport and runs away.

The puerto rican is sad.

A shark eats him.

Lizaveta walks to union square and sits.

"Buy passport," she says.

"You Yugoslavian," says a homeless man.

Lizaveta stares at the homeless man.

Another homeless man comes.

The two homeless men play.

They play boxing.

It is fun.

Lizaveta smiles.

Everyone smiles.

It is a good day.


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