Sunday, January 08, 2006

chapter 14.

Tuco and Lizaveta go to St. Marks.

A hipster walks by.

"What the fuck is that?" Tuco says.

Moby walks by.

"Who the fuck is that?" Tuco says.

"Moby," Lizaveta says. She has seen the bald man on on Russian TV. He was on TV with Gwen Stefani wearing a fake animal coat and acting like an asshole.

"Let's follow him," Tuco says.

They follow Moby. Moby walks into a dark alleyway.

"Oh shit," Moby says, "I just walked into a dark alleyway without my bodyguards."

Tuco and Lizaveta corner Moby in the dark alleyway.

"Oh shit," Moby says. He pees in his hipster pants. The pee changes the pants' color to bright green because they are hipster pants and they change colors when warm liquid touches them.

"That is fucking stupid," Tuco says.

Lizaveta takes out a skateboard and a rope.

Tuco holds Moby and ties Moby to the skateboard.

They pull Moby to the beach and leave Moby at the beach.

"Oh shit," Moby says.

A cop sees Moby. Moby points at Tuco. They beat Tuco and put Tuco in jail.

Lizaveta runs away into a Kmart.

She touches a child's pajamas.

"Hey," a Kmart worker says.

"Hey," Lizaveta says.

"Hey," the Kmart worker says.

"Hi," Lizaveta says.

"Do you need help," the Kmart worker says.

"Hi," Lizaveta says.

They drag Lizaveta outside and kick her in the ass.

Lizaveta sits against the Kmart. People walk by and drop change on her lap.


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