Tuesday, January 17, 2006

chapter 18.

Lizaveta is on tour with Metallica.

The guy from Korn goes backstage and rapes Lizaveta.

"I have money," the man from Korn says.

"Money is good," Lizaveta says. "Money is snail's paste."

"What did you just say," the man from Korn says.

"Money is snail's paste," Lizaveta says.

"That's right. Snail's paste."

The man from Korn goes into his van and writes a song called "Snail's death paste." He comes back to Lizaveta.

"I'll give you something," the man from Korn says. "I'll give you a wish."

"I wish for... to change my name," Lizaveta says.

"Your new name is Edgar Lutz," the man from Korn says, and puts his dick in Lizaveta's face. The man from Korn sings that MTV song while his dick is sucked. The man from Korn goes away.

"Edgar Lutz," Lizaveta says out loud.

"Hi," a teenager says to Lizaveta.

"I am Edgar Lutz," Lizaveta says.

"Oh," the teenager says and walks away into a mosh pit.


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