Tuesday, January 17, 2006

chapter 19.

Lizaveta is on painkillers.

She writes a political manifesto.

These are her words:

Now it is the time for the hamsters to RISE!

And take over the rhino bastards turd eaters!

The hamsters have been oppressed long enough!

The time is nigh for the rhinos!

We must get together and unite as


We must wear war make-up. I will paint my head BLUE!

The colors of the hamster flag, BLUE BLUE AND fuschia!

The rhinos have reigned and pillaged and raped our mothers and cousins long enough!

We must fight back against this dirty bastard!

The Rhinos don't know our power!

Our power comes from the hamster stone deep at the center of hamster mounain on hamster island in hamster triangle in the hamster ocean.

So gather your children and grandmothers and guns and beans and rice and pudding and condoms and all the shit that takes stupidity and madness and ugliness to be laid waste!

For we are the hamster clan!

Lizaveta raises a fist into the air and screams!


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