Friday, January 27, 2006

chapter 21.

Lizaveta gets to Easter Island and realizes she needs a job.

She becomes a pizza delivery girl.

At work there is this guy named Jeff.

All he talks about is which areas tip and which don't.

What houses tip good.

How there are woman who want to have sex with him he delivers pizza to.

He constantly talks about the tips he has made. One day he said he made a hundred dollars, even though the average is $30, he somehow makes $100.

He constantly wants to know how you are doing on tips.

Jeff talks about how he wins at horse racing. Even though when you ask him if he betted online or on phone or something. he stares at you confused. Like the only thing you should have said back was, "You are a GOD, no man, you are GOD HIMSELF, you are I AM!"

One day jeff is talking to Lizaveta and several other pizza delivery people.

Jeff: Dude, I made like eighty dollars last night, it was awesome. Then I went home and bet on the horses and won like a 1000 dollars. I gotta go home man, will anybody work for me?

Lizaveta speaks, usually she never does, she just stares: Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah.

Lizaveta: I think you are so stupid you should take a test and see if the government will give you disability so us normal humans, don't have to deal with your stupid ass.

jeff: Dude that sounds like a great idea, how much do you think they will give me?

Lizaveta: I wish we were in a cowboy movie, if we were, I would shoot you like fifty times.

Jeff: So what did you get in tips tonight?

Lizaveta: I might kill you anyway.


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