Monday, February 20, 2006

chapter 22.

Lizaveta is depressed.

Someone broke in her car and stole all her CDs.

She walks onto the grass. She is hungry.

There is the Easter Island Statue. Lizaveta climbs it.

On top she sits and is bored.

She remembers the hamster war.

'What happened to all those hamsters,' she thinks. 'The sadness, the terrible sadness of battle hamsters.'

She rubs the statue's head and there is a trapdoor.

She opens the trapdoor and a hamster comes out. The hamster is wearing full body armor that shines. The hamster falls off the statue and on the ground it doesn't move.

'Is it dead?' Lizaveta thinks. 'Did it finally die or what?'

It is time to go to work. Lizaveta jumps off the statue and breaks her leg. She will not work today. A hamster walks in front of her face and she pets the hamster.

A man walks by.

'Asshole,' Lizaveta says. 'All humans are assholes.'

The man runs away.

A wave comes and takes Lizaveta into the ocean. When she wakes up, a six foot hamster is carrying her across a green field.

The hamster carries her into a dungeon.

In the dungeon are six assholes. They are all humans.

The hamsters are all rubbing their asses on the human's faces. The humans are tied to metal beds.


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