Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chapter 23.

In Dungeon

Hamsters chew on human bellies

defecate bubble gum.

Lizaveta listens to hamster speak.

"The booweevil ate all my crops."

Lizaveta stares.

Julio visits through mystic herb.

Julio says, "If someone visits you with a large gun and tells you to bend over and pay taxes and harbor terrorists and says things like, 'If only for that sandwich and milk I would have graduated college.' Don't let them in. They are evil."

Lizaveta listens.

Lizaveta eats a doughnut.

Old white men named Elijah, Toby, and Kevin come into the room. They tell Lizaveta they want to make a movie of her book.

Lizaveta says, "I didn't make no book."

Tobey says, "I want to ride a horse in your twat."

Elijah says, "I want to become real little and get a dumb haircut and curl up in your twat."

Kevin says, "Meg Ryan is the best actor of all time."

They give Lizaveta a recorder to play. She fingers it.

Lizaveta makes notes.

She plays Iron Man by Black Sabbath.


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