Thursday, October 19, 2006

chapter 26

Lizaveta is in a death match with Barack Obama.

Lizaveta wields a heavy axe at Barack Obama. Obama dodges and throws a shuriken. The shuriken strikes Lizaveta in the face. Lizaveta runs away very quickly and quietly. Into a forest.

In the forest she comes upon a magical glowing hamster.

"I grant you three wishes," says the hamster.

The hamster levitates.

"Okay, let me think a second, just wait a second," Lizaveta says.

The hamster keeps levitating higher. "Oh shit," the hamster says. It levitates faster and higher and then it is gone.

Lizaveta is alone. She had wanted to wish for a nose job or maybe braces to fix her teeth. "My teeth fucked up," Lizaveta thinks alone in the forest.


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