Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chapter 27.

Men come with machine guns.

The machine guns are pointed at Lizaveta's head.

Lizaveta looks up.

Lizaveta is not scared.

They notify Lizaveta that she is guilty.

That she is condemned.

Lizaveta is still not afraid.

They beat Lizaveta with clubs.

They sick wolves and rabid bunny rabbits on Lizaveta.

Lizaveta is still not scared.

They shock Lizaveta with tasers.

They spray her face with mace.

They put Lizaveta in a van and drive her to an unknown location.

On the way there fifteen men brutally gang rape Lizaveta.

They fuck her face, her twat and her asshole.

One soldier sticks his dick in Lizaveta's ear.

Her ear bleeds.

Lizaveta is still not afraid.

They bring Lizaveta into a building made of metal.

There are no windows to the building.

There are no doors either.

No one can get into the building.

And no one can get out.

All people and information are trapped inside the building.

There are snipers inside the building at the non-existent exits.

And there are snipers outside the building at the non-existent entrances.

Lizaveta is brought to a court room.

There is a judge and jury of her peers.

Lizaveta is not afraid.

The jury announces, "We find you guilty of not being afraid."

The judge announces the sentence, which is death.

Over six billion machine guns held by humans are pointed at Lizaveta's head and are fired.

Lizaveta dies not afraid.

The hamsters of the earth sing a song for Lizaveta.

Many hamster tears are shed.

The hamsters go to the metal building and retrieve Lizaveta's body.

The hamsters crying, moaning, bellowing bring Lizaveta's body back to the frozen tundra of Russia.

There are more tears.

Lizaveta's body is lit on fire.

The fire melts Lizaveta.

Her bones are left.

The hamsters make necklaces out of Lizaveta's bones.


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