Saturday, October 21, 2006

chapter 28

Lizaveta walks up to God's house in heaven.

She uses the metal knocker. The knocker is hamster's nuts.

God comes to the door. It's an eight foot hamster.

"Hrrrff ff ffffff," says God.

Lizaveta says, "God is a hamster. God is an eight foot hamster."

God begins to nibble at Lizaveta's torso.

Lizaveta climbs God like a horse.

God runs around inside the house like a horse with Lizaveta on its back.

Lizaveta sees a painting of a blue whale, a painting of a battlefield of wild land hamsters fighting wild sea and air hamsters, and a painting of a baby jesus hamster.

God stops moving around and Lizaveta stands and looks at God's face.

God's face is scrunched up, it looks like he's about to shit.

God shits little hard hamster shits.

They look like small bowling balls.

Lizaveta sits down on a couch and watches.

Many shits come out.

Lizaveta keeps watching and then turns on the TV.

It is Wheel of Fortune.

Lizaveta likes Wheel of Fortune. She is happy.